The Weaver Foundation art collection is comprised of the works of artists who have studied or taught at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). The collection is used to promote art and culture in the Greater Greensboro community and to promote UNCG and its many programs, including the School of Art and the Weatherspoon Art Museum. The collection is made available for shows, galleries, museums, and other appropriate venues.


Foust Building by Bruce Shores

Foust Building by Bruce Shores

Like many ideas and efforts, the concept of a Weaver Foundation art collection resulted from a serendipitous convergence of events. In the fall of 2000, as the Foundation was completing the design for its new offices, the decision was made to use original art in lieu of photographs in the lobby area. Within a few days of that decision, Mike Weaver was offered an original painting of Foust, the oldest building on the UNCG campus, as a token of the University’s appreciation for his efforts on behalf of the Second Century Capital Campaign.
The idea to use original art in the lobby area was expanded to use original art by UNCG-related artists.

Over time, the directors realized the Foundation’s philanthropic interests in cultural activities could be served by creating the Weaver Foundation art collection. In a tangible way, the collection forges a permanent bond between the University and the Foundation. It is also a way of recognizing the Weaver family’s and Weaver Foundation’s relationship with UNCG that spans over a quarter of a century. The result is a growing collection of original artwork created by present and former students, graduates and faculty of the University.

Samples of the Weaver Foundation Art Collection at UNCG

Susan, The Friar and Rosemary’s Blouse, 2006

Anne Hill

Susan, The Friar and Rosemary’s Blouse, 2006 Dip Pen and Ink, Stitched…

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