Sandbar on The Charma, 1998

Oil on Canvas


Sandbar on The Charma, David Loren Bass


Before returning to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to earn his MFA in painting in 1975, David Loren Bass taught art, English and social studies in Morocco. At age 34, Bass ‘retired’ to painting. Since then his work has been exhibited in Museums, Colleges and Universities and Corporations all over the United States.

Bass’ work includes landscapes, scenery and portraits that reflect his many travels ranging from North Carolina to Guatemala. His work focuses on exotic places, which are clearly expressed through his fluid and energetic style of painting. Painting either on site or from memory, Bass illustrates a lived experience through his work, instead of merely replicating what he sees. Starting with a compositional drawing, his method is “alla prima,” working while the paint is still wet, lending toward the expressive nature of his artwork. Bass uses high-keyed colors, lively brush strokes and a structured composition in his work.

Bass, a nationally recognized artist, has earned numerous honors and awards for his artwork. He has released a biography, David Loren Bass: Watercolor and Oil Paintings From Around the World, which include many images of his paintings.