At The Theatre Artist: Andrew Martin. From the Weaver Foundation Art Collection

Foundation grants are limited to agencies and organizations located in and serving the Greater Greensboro area. Grant decisions are generally made on a quarterly basis at our regular Board of Directors meetings. While we do not accept uninvited grant applications, we will accept letters of inquiry and we are happy to discuss our interests with organizations that meet the basic guidelines.

We have no bias for or against any particular grant type. We will support endowment funds, capital campaigns, facilities and construction funds, new initiatives, special projects and general operating expenses.

The Foundation avoids creating any expectation of long-term support; however, this does not preclude multi-year funding commitments when appropriate.

Weaver Foundation staff seek out programs that further the Foundation’s mission to make a positive difference in the community.

The Weaver Foundation's Areas of Interest

The Weaver Foundation Does Not Make Grants:

Education - PK to Higher Education

Programs for children and youth

Protection of the environment

Combating poverty

Equity and social justice

Protection of urban open spaces and public parks

Economic development

  • To individuals
  • To partisan political programs or voter registration efforts
  • For conference attendance
  • For travel or group trips
  • For video productions
  • To fraternal organizations
  • To churches and other organizations for religious purposes

How to Apply for a Weaver Foundation Grant