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The Weaver Foundation was formed in 1967 as a private family foundation and is focused on two goals: (1) helping the Greater Greensboro community enhance and improve the quality of life of its citizens and (2) involving current and future generations of the Weaver family in developing a sense of philanthropy and service.


Nonprofit organizations are often trying to do much with very little. The Weaver Foundation has curated links that include free and low-cost software and technology, information about nonprofit professional groups, webinars and tools, and more to help nonprofits maximize their time, talent and resources.
  • Weaver Foundation Mission

    The mission of the Weaver Foundation is to help the Greater Greensboro community enhance and improve the quality of life and the economic environment for the citizens while developing a sense of philanthropy, civic education  and commitment in current and future generations of the founders’ family.

  • Directors and Officers

  • Grant Guidelines

    Foundation grants are limited to agencies and organizations located in and serving the Greater Greensboro area. Grant decisions made are at our regular Board of Directors meetings. We do not accept uninvited grant applications. Please send a letter of inquiry to explore funding options with the Foundation.

  • Nonprofit Resources

    We provide a list of links to nonprofit resources that may be useful to local organizations. This includes information about professional groups, software and technology, webinars and other resources.

  • Grant History

    This is a comprehensive listing of awarded grants by year.

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