Ghost Town II, 1997

Mixed Media


Stan Gilliam, Ghost Town II


Stan Gilliam earned his BA in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), and his MFA in Painting and Drawing from UNC Greensboro (UNCG). He attended Pratt Institute and taught at both Livingston College and Guilford College.

After a number of years in musical composition, Gilliam was brought back to the world of visual arts in the summer of 1995 when as he was walking over an old home site that had been demolished. He responded to the textures and associations of old bits of wood – painted, varnished, burned, weathered, rotted, full of nail holes and distressed. This set him on a course that led him to his current work with mixed media constructions made of painted and layered wood. He also creates patterns by cutting and reassembling contrasting materials in the manner of a jigsaw puzzle.

Gilliam’s solo exhibitions include shows at the Hunter Museum of Art in Chattanooga, TN and the Cameron Museum of Art in Wilmington, NC. His work has been included in Art On Paper at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. In addition to his mixed media work, Gilliam has illustrated two children’s books.