The Weaver Foundation was formed in 1967 as a private family foundation. The Foundation is focused on two goals: (1) helping the Greater Greensboro area community enhance and improve the quality of life and the economic environment of its citizens and (2) involving current and future generations of the Weaver family in developing a sense of philanthropy and service.

In 2010 the Foundation formed a “Junior Board,” composed of the younger Weaver children and grandchildren, as a vehicle to further the mission of philanthropic and service education for the family. The Junior Board administers a small grants program where selected organizations are invited to apply for project grants.

In addition to its grantmaking activities, the Foundation serves the greater community through involvement of its staff through consultation with nonprofits and participation in local, state, and regional professional associations to gain knowledge about effective programs and activities. Board members are personally involved on the boards and committees of nonprofit organizations important to them.

Early on the Board decided to be proactive in seeking areas to support as opposed to being guided only by applications received. For that reason, the Foundation does not maintain on open application process. The staff and board identify needs as well as organizations and projects through its own work; through participation in community activities; and, through meetings and discussions with nonprofit and other organizations.