Alphabet of Ascension, 1998

Gouache on Paper

Anne Wall Thomas


Anne Wall Thomas received her BA in 1949, and her MFA in 1951, from Woman’s College. She completed post-graduate work among several universities across the country. Her career in the arts included teaching art in the public schools, serving on the faculty in the art departments of the University of Georgia and UNC-Chapel Hill, serving as Executive Director of the Greater Reston Arts Center in Reston, VA, and Administrator for the Southeastern College Art Conference.

After over twenty years working in the area of serigraphy, Ms. Thomas began experimenting with collage and photogram, all of which utilized graphic elements as subject. She subsequently turned to paintings and mixed media in which she incorporated some of those same elements. Alphabet of Ascension was one of the first of those paintings.

While teaching art in Charlotte, NC, Anne Wall met Mary Leath Thomas. As a result of that contact Anne was recommended for a position in the Art Department at the University of Georgia. Shortly after the interview for that position, Mrs. Thomas passed away. Ms. Wall took the job at the University of Georgia, and there met Howard Thomas, the widower of Mary Leath, and professor of art. They were later married. We are fortunate that all three of these artists are represented in the Weaver Collection.