Untitled, 1988

Mixed Media


Chris Horney


Chris Horney earned his BFA in painting and printmaking from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) in 1986. During his time at UNCG, he was a student of Andrew Martin, Peter Agostini, Walter Barker, Setsuya Kotani, Mark Gottsegen, John Maggio and Robert Gerhart, all of who are represented in the Weaver Collection. In 1997, after years of working in the screen-printing business, he realized that he had an affinity for working with wood. He turned his attention from painting to furniture making.

Untitled is from earlier in Horney’s career, when he experimented with various materials and techniques while he wrestled with questions of personal faith and belief. The mixed media piece combines splint wood, commonly used in chair caning, asphalt tar and acrylic paint. The caning comes together in the center to form a cross, the small ladder emerges from the dense pit of darkness towards the symbol that represents hope and redemption.

Horney’s company, Maker of Things, is based in Greensboro, though he sells original designs nationally through galleries and fine arts festivals. He has exhibited at Green Hill Center for NC Art, the Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show, and Carolina Designer Craftsmen.