Susan, The Friar and Rosemary’s Blouse, 2006

Dip Pen and Ink, Stitched Paper


Anne Hill


Anne Hill was a native of Randolph County, North Carolina, and a 1955 graduate of Woman’s College (UNC-Greensboro), where she earned a BFA in Art. Gregory Ivy, her mentor, is also included in the Weaver Art Collection. After graduating, she received her Master’s Degree in Library Science from Columbia University. Throughout her career, she taught art to all ages.

Hill’s distinct artistic style was creating crosshatched pen and ink drawings that she would then stitch, or “tuck” so the work could be viewed from three angles. Each angle reveals three different images. The 2005 New York Times article “Nixon’s Real Enforcer” featured a photograph of Nixon’s secretary, Rose Mary Woods, which inspired Hill’s work Susan, The Friar, and Rosemary’s Blouse. The Friar, as in Friar Tuck, refers to Hill’s signature “tucking” technique.

Hill’s art has been featured in numerous exhibitions including the North Carolina Museum of Art, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA), Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences and the Green Hill Center for NC Art.