Bedtime Stories, 1986

Gouache on Paper


Robert Gerhart, Bedtime Stories


Robert Gerhart received his BFA from Pratt Institute in New York in 1965, and his MFA from Temple University Tyler School of Art in 1969. He taught at the School of the Dayton Art Institute from 1969-1973. He spent the remainder of his teaching career with the Department of Art at the University of North Carolina until his retirement in 2007. While at UNCG, he was an instructor of drawing, painting, design, color theory, and etching. His students included Jessica Sims, Robert Igoe, James Williams, and Chi-Kit Kwong.

Much of Gerhart’s work is based on geometric systems and patterns. As an abstract painter, he is conscious of two primary phases defining the process of making his work. Gerhart professes that, “One is establishing an approach to building a basic underpinning or structure which gives the work a starting point. This ‘foundation’ is necessary in order to purposefully roam through the second phase which invents the shapes, colors, etc. of the painting or drawing.”

Gerhart has exhibited widely, including in New York City; Eugene, Oregon; Chicago and numerous times in Greensboro, NC in the Art On Paper show at the Weatherspoon Art Museum.