Say Yes GuilfordWeaver Foundation has pledged $1.25 million to help bring the national Say Yes to Education program to Guilford County, as organizers begin to steer fundraising efforts toward their ultimate goal. “Weaver Foundation is proud to support the Say Yes effort,” said Ralph Shelton, chair of the Weaver Foundation board of directors. “Over time Say Yes will help build a more level and equitable field of opportunity for all students, a basic principle of our foundation’s intent when making community investments.”

Its Say Yes pledge is a good fit with Weaver Foundation’s mission, Shelton pointed out.

“In 1967, Mike Weaver and his father, Herman, formed Weaver Foundation to support activities and causes that benefit the greater Greensboro area and to further Weaver family’s involvement in the community. Since its founding, Weaver Foundation has been interested in youth development, educational development, helping the disadvantaged, promoting racial and religious tolerance, and environmental activities.”