Life Cycle Series #3, 2003

Digital Print


Amy Lixl-Purcell


Amy Lixl-Purcell is an Associate Professor of Design in the Department of Art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). She earned her BFA from Alfred University and her MFA from Rutgers University. As an intermedia artist, she works primarily with installation, also incorporating digital media and processes that are central to her work.

Life Cycle Series #3 demonstrates her investigation of personal and cultural memory as bound to sensory experience, cultural artifacts, and images. Both works explore sensory and tactile exploration through photographic image.

Lixl-Purcell’s work is exhibited nationally and internationally. She developed the digital design curriculum at UNCG and has been honored with the Teaching Excellence Award from the Southeastern College Art Conference, and the College Teaching Excellence Award at UNCG.