During our May 2019 meeting, the Foundation’s board approved the following community investment grants:

Community Housing Solutions                                                  $35,000

Family Justice Center – Camp Hope                                         $15,000

Guilford Education Alliance                                                        $7,500

Habitat for Humanity                                                                  $20,000

Ready for School Ready for Life                                                $55,000

United Way – Family Success Center                                       $50,000


Guilford Education Alliance’s grant coupled with unused funds from a previous grant makes for a total gift of $30,000 in 2019. Guilford Education Alliance, Ready for School Ready for Life, and the United Way’s Family Success Center grants begin a five-year commitment to those organizations. The Board also approved the following Food Project Investments:

Greater High Point Food Alliance                                             $2,500

Second Harvest Food Bank                                                      $20,100

The Volunteer Center                                                                $15,000