Funding Grant TypePayment DateOrganization NameProject NamePayment Amount
Sum: $634,262.12
Board GrantSum: $582,900.00
01/08/2016Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro2016 Weaver Fund Support$20,000.00
01/08/2016NC Center for Nonprofits2016 Sustainer support$2,500.00
01/08/2016artsgreensboro2016 Annual Support$15,000.00
01/08/2016United Way2016 United Way Annual Fund Support$40,000.00
01/08/2016Center for Community Self-HelpTextile Exhibit at Revolution Mill$15,000.00
01/08/2016Community Foundation of Greater GreensboroSay Yes to Education$225,000.00
02/17/2016Greensboro Chamber FoundationGreensboro Partnership 2013-2017 Campaign$10,000.00
02/19/2016UNCG Excellence FoundationGeneral Support Grant$10,000.00
03/17/2016Empowered Girls of North CarolinaGeneral Support 2015$20,000.00
03/29/2016Women’s Resource CenterDevelopment Capacity Building for Ensuring Long-Term Sustainability$25,000.00
04/15/2016North Carolina Zoological SocietyNC Zoo Support and Membership 2016$5,000.00
04/15/2016Junior Achievement of Central North CarolinaExtreme Makeover Support – 2016$5,000.00
04/15/2016Community Foundation of Greater GreensboroZ Smith Reynolds Intership Program$10,000.00
05/23/2016Wyndham Championship2016 Wyndham Championship support$5,000.00
05/23/2016artsgreensboroNational Folk Festival support$12,500.00
08/09/2016Hispanics in PhilanthropyHIP NC Collaborative Round IV Support$15,000.00
09/27/2016Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro2016 Guilford Nonprofit Consortium Support$20,000.00
10/27/2016Guilford Education AllianceSuperintendent Introductions and General Operating Support$10,000.00
10/28/2016BackPack BeginningsFood Program Capacity Building$30,000.00
11/03/2016Out of the Garden ProjectCapacity building: 24′ by 24′ new cooler and warehouse study..$45,000.00
12/06/2016Rock and Wrap It UpFood Insecurity Consulting$2,000.00
12/28/2016Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro2016 BSN Support$2,500.00
12/28/2016Crossroads: Pathways to SuccessOperational Support 2017$3,400.00
12/28/2016Piedmont Land ConservancyPiedmont Trails Council$10,000.00
12/28/2016Senior Resources of Guilford CountyGeneral Support for Senior Resources of Guilford’s Capital Campaign$10,000.00
12/28/2016Casa AzulGeneral Operating Support 2017$5,000.00
12/28/2016Rock and Wrap It UpSchool Wrap! and Snack Wrap! support with Guilford County Schools and Rock and Wrap It Up!$10,000.00
Discretionary GrantSum: $31,700.00
02/17/2016Greensboro Housing CoalitionPlanning Support$1,900.00
02/19/2016Guilford County Public SchoolsDudley High – Electric Car$2,000.00
02/26/2016New Light Missionary Baptist ChurchBarbers and Books$1,500.00
03/29/2016A Simple Gesture – Greensboro, Inc.Annual Support 2016$2,500.00
03/29/2016Guilford County Public SchoolsArts support 2016$1,250.00
03/29/2016New Arrivals InstituteFacilty Support 2016$5,000.00
05/23/2016Canterbury SchoolAnnual Support 2016$1,000.00
06/13/2016Guilford Education AllianceRelocation Project$1,750.00
06/24/2016Guilford County Partnership for ChildrenReady for School Ready for Life$5,000.00
07/15/2016Women in OrganizingBuilding Leaders$1,000.00
08/09/2016Greensboro United SoccerTransportation support$2,500.00
10/21/2016American Cancer SocietyBark for Life of Greensboro$500.00
10/26/2016Casa AzulDia de Muertos$1,000.00
12/28/2016Genesis Baptist ChurchSaturday Heritage Academy$2,300.00
12/28/2016Mary’s HouseAnnual Support 2016$750.00
12/28/2016YWCA of GreensboroAnnual Support 2016$750.00
12/28/2016Room At The Inn of the Triad, Inc.Annual Support 2016$1,000.00



Junior Board GrantPayment DateOrganization NameProject NameSum: $10,000.00
12/28/2016Faith ActionImmigrant Assistance Center$2,000.00
12/28/2016Greensboro Housing CoalitionFirst Home$2,000.00
12/28/2016Children’s Home SocietyChild-Parent Psychotherapy$2,000.00
12/28/2016Interactive Resource CenterInteractive Resource Center Integrated Care$1,500.00
12/28/2016Casa AzulLatin American Art at Downtown Greensboro.$1,000.00
12/28/2016Greensboro Downtown ParksKids park programming for Greensboro Downtown Parks$1,000.00
12/28/2016Greensboro Urban MinistryGreensboro Urban Ministry Food Distribution Program$500.00
Matching GrantSum: $9,662.12
02/17/2016A Simple Gesture – Greensboro, Inc.2016 Annual Support$2,500.00
02/19/2016YMCA of GreensboroAnuual Support 2016$250.00
02/19/2016Greensboro Urban MinistryAnnual Support 2106$250.00
05/23/2016YMCA of GreensboroCamp Weaver Scholarship Support$250.00
05/23/2016Salvation Army Boys and Girls ClubsAnnual Support 2016$120.00
05/23/2016Greensboro Urban MinistryAnnual Support 2016$250.00
06/17/2016Greensboro Urban MinistryAnnual Support 2016$250.00
06/17/2016Sumner County Family YMCAAnnual Support 2016$500.00
08/10/2016Greensboro Urban MinistryAnnual Support 2016$100.00
08/10/2016Salvation Army Boys and Girls ClubsAnnual Support 2016$150.00
08/10/2016Greensboro Urban MinistryAnnual Support 2016$150.00
09/27/2016YMCA of GreensboroBright Beginnings – 2016 support$150.00
10/26/2016Salvation Army Boys and Girls ClubsAnnual Support 2016$200.00
12/06/2016Greensboro Urban MinistryHoliday Support 2016$250.00
12/06/2016United WayWeaver Investment match 2016$4,092.12
12/09/2016Salvation Army Boys and Girls ClubsChristmas Campaign 2016$200.00