Untitled, 2007

Acrylic Paint on Stitched Linen


Setsuya Kotani


A native of Japan, Setsuya Kotani received his BFA from the University of Hawaii in 1961, and his MFA from Columbia University in New York in 1970. As Associate Professor of Art at UNCG from 1974­–1999, he taught painting and ceramics. Kotani subsequently continued his relationship with the Art Department as Assistant Professor Emeritus. Fellow faculty such as Andrew Martin, A. Doren, Robert Gerhart, and Billy Lee are included in the Weaver Collection.

Kotani’s work is described as spiritual art that is at home. His painting is full of mystery, beauty and a meditative stillness. Untitled is reminiscent of abstract painting’s color field style, characterized by canvases painted with large areas of solid color. Subtle changes of color unfold within Kotani’s canvas. The pale spheres that appear within the work seem both energized, interactive, and quiet at the same time.

Setusuya Kotani has exhibited internationally, most recently at the Grand Palais in Paris. Kotani is considered a master craftsman and living treasure in Japan. He participated in the 2004 Art On Paper exhibition at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, and his work is also included in their permanent collection.