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    Keeps Board members informed of developments and issues affecting the foundation and community
    Works with the foundation Board for effective governance of the foundation
    Helps craft the foundation's vision / mission with Board and Family
    Effectively oversees and performs grantmaking, administrative, financial and other operational functions
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    Facilitates effective Board member relationships
    Develops relationships with present/potential grant partners and interacts well and respectively with the grantee community
    Prepares and reviews the budget and provides Board members with the information they need to make decisions
    Makes well-timed and sound decisions; takes action in a timely manner; meets deadlines; solves problems promptly; sets appropriate priorities for tasks
    Sets high goals/standards of performance for self and others; or initiates action rather than only responding to the action of others
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    Works well with other funders and community stakeholders, contributing with vision and leadership in collaborative efforts.
    Represents the Weaver Foundation, Family, and by extension Weaver Companies consistent with Weaver's ideals and history in our community
    Maintains and develops a sense of philanthropy, civic education and commitment in current and future generations of the founders' family
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    Did the Board follow Donor's Intent in all of its decisions?
    Did the Board have enough information to make an informed decision on each issue?
    Was I as a Board Member prepared to discuss the issues on the Agenda
    Did each Board Member have an opportunity and enough time to be heard on each issue?
    Was each Board Member engaged in the business at hand during the meeting?
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