Wax and Wane, 1997

Michael Ananian

Wax and Wane, 1997 Oil on Canvas Michael Ananian joined the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro…

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Rich Mountain Study, 1999

Tim Ford

Rich Mountain Study, 1999 Acrylic on Paper Tim Ford received his BFA at Appalachian State University in 1981. He spent…

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2001, 2002

McDonald Bane

2001, 2002 Pen and Ink Drawing McDonald “Mackey” Bane received her MFA at Woman’s College (now UNCG) in 1959. She…

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Twelve Boxes, 1993

Rebecca Fagg

Twelve Boxes, 1993 Oil on Paper Rebecca Fagg received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1972 from the University…

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(1921–2004) Life Class, 1990

Walter Barker

(1921–2004) Life Class, 1990 Oil stick, acrylic, and watercolor on paper Professor Emeritus Walter Barker taught in the University of North…

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Wall/Window 1; Faculty, 1974

George A. Keck

Wall/Window 1; Faculty, 1974 Acrylic on Canvas By 1976, George A. Keck received both his BA and MFA in Studio Art…

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Sugar Hollow, Virginia, 1979

Raymond Berry

Sugar Hollow, Virginia, 1979 Oil on canvas Raymond Berry was part of the arts community at the University of North…

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Trio, 1999

Keith Buckner

Trio, 1999 Oil on Canvas Keith Buckner attended UNCG for undergraduate and graduate work, receiving a BFA in Painting and…

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Door County Hayrolls, 2002

Janice Burns

Door County Hayrolls, 2002 Oil on Canvas Janice Burns received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1985 and her Master…

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