Herman Weaver, Weaver Investment CompanyHerman Weaver started the first Weaver company, in 1939, at the age of twenty-five. It was then that he and his wife Edith founded the W. H. Weaver Construction Company in his hometown of Greensboro. During the early years, the company specialized in residential construction.

Weaver Realty Company, a real estate management and mortgage banking firm, was started in 1946, and, in the early 1950’s, the Weaver Construction Company diversified into commercial and industrial construction. By the 1960’s the companies had grown and expanded with operations in six southeastern states.

H. Michael Weaver, Weaver Investment CompanyThe Weaver’s son, H. Michael Weaver, joined the family businesses in the fall of 1961 and later expanded the companies into real estate development, investment, brokerage, and syndication. The primary company now is the Weaver Investment Company, which directly invests in real estate and in a variety of business concerns and ventures.

Weaver Investment Company also functions as a family office, managing the equity and fixed income portfolios for Weaver family members and providing a variety of support services.

From the beginning, Herman Weaver was active in community affairs, demonstrating a commitment to involvement that was quickly emulated by his son. Herman Weaver served on a number of boards including the Community Chest (now the United Way), the Hayes-Taylor YMCA, and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. Mike Weaver has been and continues to be involved in numerous activities and organizations throughout the community.

Building on these commitments, Herman and Mike Weaver founded The Weaver Foundation in 1967, as a way to support activities and causes that benefit the greater Greensboro area. Since its founding, the Foundation has been interested in supporting community involvement, environmental activities, educational development, helping the disadvantaged, and promoting racial and religious tolerance.

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